Strip & Seal in Perth

YMCA Currambine Day care centre

Polishing of vinyl and linoleum floors protects the floor against wear and tear and stains. It can also help with grip, removing slip trip and fall hazards. Having vinyl floors sealed allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Without polishing, linoleum and vinyl floors appear dull and matted and become progressively susceptible to getting dirty, stained and damaged.

A proper maintenance routine typically includes stripping and repolishing of the vinyl and linoleum tiles at least once per year, especially in areas with high foot traffic. Otherwise a simple visual inspection can indicate if re-sealing is required. If there is a noticeable difference between the high traffic area compared to the rest of the floor, that would be the time to give us a call.

We use a high performance sealer finish that conforms to the Australian Standard for slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces.

We can also burnish the floor to give it a mirror like finish.
Burnishing is an optional process in which a high speed rotary machine with a special pad is used to buff the surface to produce the high gloss “wet look” finish.

This type of finish is common for commercial floor areas such as Supermarkets and Day care centres.

When it comes to maintaining the finish of the floor for as long as possible, we recommend using the cleaning chemical designed for that flooring, which we can supply if required.

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